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Why Success Meals Works

Success Meals KC is a full-service, fully-customized, diet delivery program designed for today’s time-constrained but discerning individuals wanting a healthy, result producing, and convenient meal solution. Our dietary specialists begin by establishing a meal profile tailored to meet your goals, taste, lifestyle and nutritional needs. Following these guidelines meals are then prepared fresh daily and delivered right to your doorstep each morning by 6:00am. All you have to do is heat, eat and enjoy!

Primary Components

Healthy, Nutritious Meals … Delivered

Success Meals KC has it all! We design your meals especially for you, from the nutritional value to your likes and dislikes. Whether you are looking to lose weight, build muscle or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, this program is designed to help you get results. We take out the guesswork as well as the legwork when it comes to nourishing your body.

Customized meal delivery provides your mind and body with the essential nutrients needed to enhance energy levels and boost mental acumen, resulting in greater productivity while simultaneously eliminating all of the time you would normally spend shopping for and preparing meals. On average, clients save as much as 2-hours per day as a result of having custom-tailored and chef-prepared meals delivered to their door each morning.

In a fast-paced era of grueling workloads, overbooked schedules and excessive demands, Success Meals KC rewards you with both greater energy and additional time.

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Great-Tasting, Fresh Food … Delivered

Most diet programs tell you that in order to lose weight you must adhere to a monotonous cycle of bland and boring foods. While an eating regimen that promotes fat-loss must consist of calorie-controlled and nutrient-dense foods it doesn't’t have to be boring, bland or difficult to follow.
Our dietary and culinary experts have collectively established a menu that is packed with as much flavor as it is with nutrition. Prepared daily with fresh, all-natural and nutrient-dense ingredients, and carefully portioned to ensure optimal nutrient uptake your daily menu is certain to achieve optimal health and body weight while simultaneously delighting your senses and satisfying your taste buds.

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Knowledge … Delivered

There is no product available NOW OR IN THE FUTURE that substitutes for proper diet. If you remember this, you've learned more than 95% of the people who are currently pursuing weight-loss. KNOWLEDGE IS KEY!

Success Meals KC will provide you with the tools, skills, and support you need to make lifestyle changes that work for you. Our dietary specialists are available daily to provide you with the education, guidance, and reassuring support needed to help you reach and maintain your health and weight loss goals. You’ll also receive valuable diet, health and fitness-related information throughout your program that will both educate and motivate you. By the conclusion of your program you’ll have gained the knowledge, skills and attitude you need to succeed over the next 12-weeks, 12 months, and 12 years.

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Customization … Delivered

Each year an estimated 80 million Americans go on a diet, spending more than $40 billion on all types of weight-loss programs. Of those 80 million, fewer than 5 percent will succeed at losing weight and keeping it off. What’s preventing us from successfully losing weight? Is it lack of motivation? Not enough will power? A busy schedule? An ineffective exercise routine? While all may contribute to diet failures none is solely responsible for society’s inability to lose weight and keep it off. The problem is not that we are failing diets, the problem is that diets are failing us.

Nearly all traditional diets are one dimensional, providing the same dietary guidelines for everyone. These one-size-fits-all diets do not take into account biological factors or specific nutritional needs of the dieter, as a result a diet that works for one person can have no or even negative effects on another.

The only way to ensure weight-loss/weight-management success is to follow a diet that’s tailored specifically for you, one that recognizes your unique nutritional needs, likes and dislikes and specific goals and objectives. The program must also incorporate the ability to further modify your dietary guidelines accordingly in order to better enhance your rate of progression as well as identify and evade any waning progress and impending plateaus.

At Success Meals KC all programs are tailored to elicit continual progress towards your individual objectives while simultaneously achieving optimal health and body weight. Prior to signing up you will complete an on-line questionnaire providing us with the biological and behavioral information needed to attain an accurate and comprehensive assessment of your dietary needs. No matter what your objective, ailment or condition is, be it struggling with body weight, low energy levels, suffering from a specific ailment or condition, or you just want to feel more alive, Success Meals KC can establish, customize and prepare a program that works for you.

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Ongoing & Optimal Progression … Delivered

Most people have some degree of success when first beginning a diet, however within a few weeks their progress begins to wane and soon becomes static altogether.  This is an inevitable part of any weight-loss diet, the body eventually acclimates to the diet and the only way to continue progressing is to prepare for, and break through, these plateaus by making the necessary revisions to your meal profile.

On the Success Meals program we continually assess the effects of your diet with weekly metrx (circumference measurements, body fat percentage and body weight), tracking your body's metabolic response to the program's specialized diet.  Then through comparative data analysis and rate of progression towards your specific goals we make the necessary refinements to your meal profile so that it's always eliciting optimal results.

As a Success Meals KC client you'll also have access to our team of nutrition experts and customer care specialists who are here to make sure that your experience with us is outstanding.

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